Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The AGE of Fashion

Every year major magazines like VOGUE and HARPER’s BAZAAR dedicate an issue to age, celebrating women of all decades adorned in high style. Euphemisms are born, like “30 is the new 20” and “40 is the new 30” created by beauty editors to extend our everlasting youth. As my big 3-0 draws near, I have wondered exactly how my sense of style will change as I move into the next age bracket. It’s not like I can’t still rock my stilettos in the club (although I’ve noticed the length of time I can bear them is getting shorter!) but it’s important to dress appropriate for the age that you are. Here are a few pointers to keep you, your mom, and grandma timeless in fashion.

20’s - Age of the Party Girl
Finding yourself and your style are virtually equivalent in your 20’s. You can pretty much get away with anything whether it is fashionable or not. College threads turn into club clothes and then into daywear for your evolving career. This is your decade to rock the hot pink tights, miniskirts, and garments with lycra and spandex.

30’s Age of the Professional
Being that you most likely will have discovered your career path by your 30’s, it is important to focus on your professional image. Whatever your field, you want to maintain a polished, stylish, and youthful look. Think Jennifer Garner in “13 Going on 30”.

40’s Age of the Mother
Most women who want children have them by or during their 40’s. These women need not be caught in “mom jeans” or schlepping around in sweats because their life is dedicated to the children. Mothers can still be as fashionable as ever in contemporary clothing. Even chic maternity clothes are now available by high-end designers. Be the best-dressed mom on the playground.

50’s + Age of the Socialite
From charity fundraisers to bingo, the 50+ woman is out and about in society. She is wearing clothes that are non-conforming to the body and are comfortable but completely stylish. Generally women in their 50’s don’t want to show too much skin. Wraps and shawls are perfect accessories to keep these ladies ready for the ball!

Fashion evolution

I wish my mother would have kept her wardrobe back in 1975. She had all the essential pieces of her time - bell bottoms, trapeze dresses, platform shoes, military gear. She, like many other retro-fashionistas, shamelessly threw away their trendy garments as soon as they no longer made a radical statement. Who knew those oldies would become goodies once again? I would kill to have her originals in my closet circa 2007.

Fashion trends are secular. They come back to haunt our style every few years or so, re-emerging as a more tailored approach to the authentic predecessor. Here’s a tribute to my favorite trends from fashion’s history.

40’s - The Cocktail Dress became “the perfect dress for the ever popular cocktail party.” Deemed too conservative for the 60’s & 70’s, the cocktail dress has evolved into the must-have “little black dress” of today.

50’s – Rebel with a Cause was the uniform of youth culture. James Dean/Marlon Brando, in a white t-shirt, leather jacket, and Levi’s. Need I say more?

60’s – Miniskirt. British designer Mary Quant gave us the mini at 30 cm in length. Our boyfriends still thank her.

70’s – Sportswear. Farrah Fawcett appeared on Vogue’s cover in April 1977 skateboarding in Nike “Senorita Cortez” running shoes. This was the first trend for activewear as fashion.

80’s – Power Suit for ‘Yuppies’. Although the original power suit was boxy with big shoulders, it taught us how to “Dress for Success” as did the book by John T. Molloy.

90’s – Grunge. Dirty, disheveled…how to roll out of bed and into fashion. Many still do!

BAG is the secret

Just about every girl I know loves to buy a new purse! Whether a Coach tote, Chanel handbag, or a vintage clutch at a thrift store, a purse can say everything about the diva carrying it. Purses are personal accessories that hide all of your secrets. Yet finding the perfect bag to suit your personality and sass can be difficult. Here are few suggestions from one BAG lady to another…

Invest in a Classic Black Bag
No matter what your style, a black bag is a necessity in every wardrobe. Just pick one that fits your lifestyle. A “Girl-on-the-Go” can sport a messenger bag while the “Fashionista” can rock a signature Prada.

Pick a Purse that Looks Good on You
A purse is like any piece of clothing. It should suit your body type and look good up against your skin. Stay away from zany stripes or crazy graphic prints. They’ll stand out more than you will.

Bags on a Budget
It’s no joke that some purses cost a small fortune. Many last season bags make their way to discount department chains like TJ Max and Marshalls. I have been known to find a few designer labels at high-end thrift stores as well. Do a little digging and you can come across a fabulous find at an affordable price.

One of a Kinders
For those who want an original, check out local boutiques for indie designs or visit a Make-Your-Own-Purse shop. These little stores keep opening up in trendy neighborhoods where you can build, sew and style your very own bag.

Host a PURSE Party
Invite all your girlfriends over for a PURSE party. You can either contract an outside vendor to sell different styles or have each of your friends bring a purse that she doesn’t use anymore and swap. It’s a great way to add a new accessory to your wardrobe without spending a cent!

10 SUPER Secrets to Keep You Stylish

Ever wonder how the Supermodels look so effortlessly chic every time the paparazzi catch them on an ordinary day? Supermodels get inside tips from style experts to keep them flawless…consider yourself a Supermodel.

1. Layer Your Look. Try pairing a long-sleeve thermal underneath a tunic and belt it with leggings. Add a jacket and legwarmers to be extra haute.

2. Designer Accessories. Most people can’t afford to wear head-to-toe Chanel. Accessorize your ensemble with a designer purse or sunglasses. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks and no one will notice your outfit is last season Gap.

3. Denim & High Heels. Wear a dark denim wash with black or brightly-colored heels. High shoes make your legs look longer and slender, plus you’ll exude that chic factor.

4. Audrey Affect. You can never go wrong with a little black dress and layers of pearls – a quick fix to create an iconic look.

5. Red HAUTE Lip. Some people fear red lipstick...however there are hundreds of shades to choose from to compliment your skin tone. Hit up a makeup counter and ask a beauty consultant to help you find the right red.

6. Leggings are the new Tights. The trend of the moment is leggings, which is like wearing sweat pants that hug your body. You can wear leggings under tunic tops, dresses, and layered underneath denim or mini skirts.

7. Patent leather - the texture of the season. Get a pair of heels or purse to be in the NOW.

8. The Trench. This signature coat can keep you looking your best, regardless of what you’re hiding underneath.

9. No Smoking…It’s no longer chic. Quit immediately if you are still puffing away.

10. Find a Mentor. I know you want Tim Gunn, but he is really busy. Find someone at your immediate disposal who exudes style and get some hints from them!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Choosing Designer clothes

They are the smart dressers. And these individuals are the people who make a good mark in the society for they always dress well and seem fashionable, and sometimes niche styles, such as urban clothing are even more closely followed.

Designer clothes were established for the main reason of assisting the wearer in creating his or her own fashion statement. There is always designer clothing for each and everyone who have diverse sense of fashion preference. Whether you are hip-hop, punk, loves Italian fashion, you would never fail to grasp a designer cloth that will fit your style.

A wearer of designer clothes may always look and feel great about himself. Moreover, this attitude will reflect to others that you have a good sense of style when the matter is all about fashion, and definitely you have the means to avail designer clothing because we are aware that designer clothes could be really pricey. These line of clothes are far more costly compared with retail ones, but to people who adores the creations, it will always be worthy to spend some extra dollars for these lines for they feel that they will have an edge when they have it and create a boosting impression to their audience who will see their outfit.

Another great thing about designer clothes that gives an edge to it above anything else is that the materials that are utilized for the creation of these outfits are gathered from the finest ones and acquires the highest quality. In the creation of each piece of designer clothing, there is an outmost custody administered with the cutting of the fabric or garment, and the threads should pass the quality standards for they will be employed to stitch the fabrics together.

If you attempt to compare designer clothing to an RTW outfit that you avail in the department stores, you will notice at once a huge difference in the quality of each outfit. Even if you compare them with imitations, you will still be able to tell which one is real and fake. Imitations may seem to appear like the real ones by possessing the equal logo, symbol, color, shades of true designer clothes, but the quality would not fail for designer clothes still stand out above the rest.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Battle of the sexes in the fashion world

When it comes to the battle of the sexes in the fashion world, it is clear who is way ahead. Men!

As I drag myself out of bed feeling fat and frumpy, I decide its time to update my wardrobe. I know its not advised to go shopping on a fat day, but I decide to go, as I doubt I'll find the man of my dreams wearing my ex boyfriends Pjs and my Bridget knickers.

So, as I walk down the high street, for what seems like hours, looking for a pretty bra to support my spaniel's ears and for that perfect outfit, that is chic, comfortable, funky, fashionable, and has the capacity to hold in every inch of my Shamu shaped middle, it strikes me. The only way forward in the fashion world would be to become a man!

Everything men can get their grubby mitts on has an edge, be it boxers, belts, jeans or bags they all have a degree of funk. Variation is the key to successful fashion. If you look in the women's section of most fashion outlets, all you find are shapeless dresses, which if over a size 8 and under 5 ft 11 inches tall, are out of the question. Whereas, a quick scan of the men's section, can make you feel as good as a PMT queen in a chocolate factory. Colour variation, materials galore and more than just one "60's" style.

If only I was a man, I say to myself, as I walk round the floor idolising the alternative styles. Now men now carry handbags, or should I say 'manbags' and wear sarongs on the beach, they wear all the things we wear. So, what are we going to be able to moan about in our wardrobes? Some guys even wear heels now, so there goes that one too!

The funk factor completely takes over when it comes to t-shirts. Men practically over-rule women in this area of fashion, for once men can wear something without the assistance of a woman. (Saying that, it was probably a woman who designed it, but for the sake of the male pride, we'll leave that bit out.)

Men's t-shirts ooze style. I don't mean the ones that state that they have a larger manhood than an elephant, I'm talking about retro tennis t-shirts or individually designed t-shirts with all the colour in the world splattered across the front. Stripes, logos, dots, collars, buttons, pockets, fraying and pictures, men's t-shirts can be adapted to practically any occasion. Women's t-shirts on the other hand are lacking formality, and even though some places can provide us with distinctively 'cool' t-shirts, they lack something, something I just can't quite put my finger on.