Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fashion evolution

I wish my mother would have kept her wardrobe back in 1975. She had all the essential pieces of her time - bell bottoms, trapeze dresses, platform shoes, military gear. She, like many other retro-fashionistas, shamelessly threw away their trendy garments as soon as they no longer made a radical statement. Who knew those oldies would become goodies once again? I would kill to have her originals in my closet circa 2007.

Fashion trends are secular. They come back to haunt our style every few years or so, re-emerging as a more tailored approach to the authentic predecessor. Here’s a tribute to my favorite trends from fashion’s history.

40’s - The Cocktail Dress became “the perfect dress for the ever popular cocktail party.” Deemed too conservative for the 60’s & 70’s, the cocktail dress has evolved into the must-have “little black dress” of today.

50’s – Rebel with a Cause was the uniform of youth culture. James Dean/Marlon Brando, in a white t-shirt, leather jacket, and Levi’s. Need I say more?

60’s – Miniskirt. British designer Mary Quant gave us the mini at 30 cm in length. Our boyfriends still thank her.

70’s – Sportswear. Farrah Fawcett appeared on Vogue’s cover in April 1977 skateboarding in Nike “Senorita Cortez” running shoes. This was the first trend for activewear as fashion.

80’s – Power Suit for ‘Yuppies’. Although the original power suit was boxy with big shoulders, it taught us how to “Dress for Success” as did the book by John T. Molloy.

90’s – Grunge. Dirty, disheveled…how to roll out of bed and into fashion. Many still do!

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