Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BAG is the secret

Just about every girl I know loves to buy a new purse! Whether a Coach tote, Chanel handbag, or a vintage clutch at a thrift store, a purse can say everything about the diva carrying it. Purses are personal accessories that hide all of your secrets. Yet finding the perfect bag to suit your personality and sass can be difficult. Here are few suggestions from one BAG lady to another…

Invest in a Classic Black Bag
No matter what your style, a black bag is a necessity in every wardrobe. Just pick one that fits your lifestyle. A “Girl-on-the-Go” can sport a messenger bag while the “Fashionista” can rock a signature Prada.

Pick a Purse that Looks Good on You
A purse is like any piece of clothing. It should suit your body type and look good up against your skin. Stay away from zany stripes or crazy graphic prints. They’ll stand out more than you will.

Bags on a Budget
It’s no joke that some purses cost a small fortune. Many last season bags make their way to discount department chains like TJ Max and Marshalls. I have been known to find a few designer labels at high-end thrift stores as well. Do a little digging and you can come across a fabulous find at an affordable price.

One of a Kinders
For those who want an original, check out local boutiques for indie designs or visit a Make-Your-Own-Purse shop. These little stores keep opening up in trendy neighborhoods where you can build, sew and style your very own bag.

Host a PURSE Party
Invite all your girlfriends over for a PURSE party. You can either contract an outside vendor to sell different styles or have each of your friends bring a purse that she doesn’t use anymore and swap. It’s a great way to add a new accessory to your wardrobe without spending a cent!

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