Sunday, February 8, 2009

Giorgio Armani Collection

Giorgio Armani looked towards the East for this season’s collection. Exotic silks, pagoda shoulders, Asian silhouettes with updated interpretations of Chinese floral and cloud motifs were seen throughout the collection. Colors ranged from sedate charcoals and taupe to dramtic lapis blue and reds. Embroidered motifs and knotted tassels embellished garments as well as the handbags. Purse shapes ranged from flat, larger clutches to scalloped evening pouches and delicate beaded bags. Marco Polo returned from China inspired by what he had seen. This Italian designer may also echo the sentiment.

Coach Spectator Leather Sabrina

While I can see the potential of the new Coach Spectator Leather Sabrina, I can’t quite gets past its sporty appearance. I do adore the pale violet color and the contrast against the darker colors, but I generally prefer a more classic approach to the design and color palette of an everyday satchel. This is more of a limited, occasional use carryall that definitely would work on a casual spring or summer day. It’s got all of those functional details that make it appropriate for holding everything comfortably, but it’s not exactly an office-to-dinner style that would suit every occasion.