Monday, December 3, 2007


Fashion designers are people creating creative designs to make a piece of cloth look like an art or make an art out of it. Fashion designers showcase their designs in a runway exhibit showing their finest work of art worn by a beautiful and gorgeous male or female model walking in the runway wearing the designs made by the fashion designers.
Being a fashion Designer is not an easy job because they have to create something out of nothing and thinking of ways on how to make an art out of a piece of cloth or make a certain personality or model look good in a fashion runway. Most celebrities and elite people are fond of wearing fancy clothes when going to a party or awards night because these events are one of the most important occasions for the fashion designer's point of view. This is the chance for their creation, worn by their chosen celebrity, to shine in the red carpet where there are a lot of press and media people. This occasion cannot only showcase the designer's creative works, it can also end one's career. With the press critics around, showcasing a wrong outfit for a certain personality can be a big factor to ruin the designer's reputation. That is why a designer needs to be choosy when it comes to their models and celebrities and the corresponding creation for them.

Fashion designers have to think different designs based on the climate or season that a certain country has, there are different seasons like autumn, winter, spring, and summer. Around the the world there are a lot of famous fashion designers like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, who use their name as a signature for their brand. This usually cost a lot but wearing a dress designed by these designers is worth it for having a fashion statement above the rest. Fashion designers not only design dresses they also design accessories and jewelries that would fit to their collection. Being a fashion designer is not a skill to be learned it is a talent to enhanced to make it grow.

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